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Orphans are spread across the globe in countries such as the U.S., India, and other nations.

While traditional orphanages are no longer available in your community, you probably know orphans there who could benefit from your support. Be careful how your time and money are spent when helping orphans locally or abroad.

In addition, consider fostering or adopting as a possible way of providing direct and loving support to the child.

Here are some best ways to donate your money and time to orphanages and orphans.

1. Advocate for the topic by researching it.

Understanding the challenges that orphans face is crucial to helping them. Millions of orphans are living in substandard conditions around the world, mostly because of a lack of resources as much as a lack of concern for them.

Around 140 million orphans live on this planet, which is more than Japan’s population. Among other reasons, children become orphans due to war, disease, social instability, and poverty.

The websites of charitable organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) addressing children and families may provide some information about the climate of the global orphan crisis.

2. Aiding orphans by donating money

If you want to help orphan children internationally, you can donate to orphanages. Orphanages fail to receive adequate oversight and can use questionable practices in many parts of the world. If you would rather support community development programs, consider a donation.

The community empowerment model is becoming popular among charities that cater to orphans, with money going toward schools, job training, and other beneficial initiatives to families and communities.

Children who are orphaned do not simply lose both parents — they often have parents who are incompetent or unable to care for them.

It is, therefore, possible to prevent the emergence of orphans by strengthening communities and families.

3. Before donating to a charity, research its reputation

The tragic reality is that fraud schemes exist to take benefit of your desire to help orphans. However, charities may be founded in good faith but do a poor job of helping orphans if they don’t have the right resources.

Check out the reputation of the charity before donating. Charity Watch and Charity Navigator are two well-known charity rating sites.

4. Donating Your Time

Before you volunteer with an orphanage overseas, consider your options carefully. If you are looking for a way to directly help children in need, volunteering at an overseas orphanage may seem like a perfect solution.

As a result, “orphan tourism” has become a booming business, and you may be supporting the development of new orphanages (and orphans) as cash-generating businesses.

Keep your interactions with orphans short-term. Putting caring bonds with orphans can become complicated if you come in with all the best intentions. It may take you a few weeks to return home, but your kids may feel abandoned once again.

Either build long-term relationships with orphans in your community or abroad or take on more hidden tasks to benefit the children.

Providing comfort to orphans in the short term may be worthwhile, but you do not make a lasting impact on the lives of orphans overall by volunteering at an orphanage.

It may be more appropriate to donate those hundreds to thousands of dollars to well-regarded charities while you are abroad.

5. Promoting awareness

Raise money for worthy charitable causes by organizing fundraisers. Orphans, in particular, are often eager to help people but may not feel qualified to help on a personal level. Having an event like a bake sale can help support worthwhile charities, no matter how small the amount raised.

Social media is a great way to express your concerns. Inform your family, friends, coworkers, and others more about the issues facing orphans both near and far.

To encourage your children to donate their toys to a yard sale to benefit orphan charities, perhaps you can tell them that there are children all over the world without toys to play with.

By posting about and linking to news articles about the plight of orphans, you can make use of the power of social media to spread the word.

Final Words

Promote your support of Families for Orphans by donating a percentage of your profit every month. Share “Compelling Orphan Stories” with your friends and family to motivate them to do the same.

Your business, family, or personal website might benefit from a link to that informs people about the needs of orphans around the world. We encourage you to share the website with other families who are adopting or taking in foster children. Tell their stories so that we can learn from them.